Audio Production, Mixing & Mastering

Camarena Productions offers full production, mixing and mastering services for independent artists, record labels, tv, commercials, films and more in stereo and all immersive audio formats.



Our audio production department is headed by recording artist, engineer, songwriter & music producer Julian Camarena. With well over a decade of experience in the professional audio industry, Julian Camarena has established himself as an artist/producer with over 5 million fans and followers across social media with millions of streams and plays on his songs and music videos. His music and fan base has led him to partner with some of the largest brands in the world including AT&T, iHeart Radio, Disney, Apple, Nickelodeon, Ford Motors and more.

Julian offers his own personal unique touch through his mixing and mastering services from his newly built state of the art mixing facility. Centered around a Neve 8424 console, ATC SCM45/SCS70 speakers and the best analog gear from around the world mixed with the top of the line digital audio conversion available, Julian offers the highest quality available mixes and masters. (See below for a full equipment list.)

If you would like to hire Julian Camarena for your next project, please send all inquiries to or CONTACT HERE. Please provide as much detail about your project as possible and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

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Console & Monitoring

- Neve 8424 Console with SSL Master Bus Compressor & Automation

- ATC SCM45s

- ATC SCS70 Subs

- SPL MC16 Mastering Monitor Controller


Converters, Digital & Alt Summing

- Pro Tools HDX 

- Prism Titan (8 channels)

- Apogee Symphony MKII Special Edition

- Lavry Gold Savitr AD converter

- Lavry Quintessence DA converter

- Crane Song Interstellar AD converter 

- Antelope Audio 10MX Rubidium Atomic Master Clock

- Antelope Audio OCX HD Master Clock

- SSL Sigma

- Bricasti Reverb

- AMS RM16 500 series Reverb



Mastering Equipment

- Hum Audio JAAL Look Ahead Analog Mastering Limiter

- Elysia Alpha Compressor

- Undertone Audio Unfairchild MKII with UNFa-1 Accessory box

- Maselec MEA-2 EQ

- Whitestone P331 Tube Loading Amplifier 

- Dutch Audio IC1.1 Insert Computer

- Dangerous BAX EQ



- Tube Tech CL1B x 2

- Universal Audio LA-2A

- Universal Audio 1176

- Buzz Audio SOC-M

- Fearn VT7 Compressor

- AMS Neve 33609N

- Emperical Labs Distressors x 2

- Dave Hills Titans x 2

- Chandler Limited Zener Limiter

- DBX 160

- Manley ELOP+ Dual-channel Tube Compressor/ Limiter

- Tree Audio Branch II x 2

- Dangerous Mastering Compressor


- Avalon 2055 Dual Mono Parametric EQ Mercenary Edition

- Manley Massive Passive

- Elysia Xfilter Mastering Edition

- Elysia Xfilter 500 series

- API 550A Vintage x 2

- API 550B Vintage

- Neve 31102 Vintage Mic Pre/ EQs

- Undertone Audio MPEQ-1

- Zahl EQ 500

- Pultec EQM-1S3 Mastering Edition


Power Conditioners

- Torus AVR-2 Elite

- Torus RM15 x 3



- Custom Grimm TPR, Grimm SQM

- Wisdom Cable Technology Custom Cables & Power Distributors