Audio Production

Our audio production department is headed by recording artist & music producer Julian Camarena. Julian Camarena has established himself  as an artist with over 5 million fans and followers across social media with millions of streams and plays on his songs and music videos. His music and fan base has led him to partner with some of the largest brands in the world including AT&T, iHeart Radio, Disney, Apple, Nickelodeon and more.

Julian Camarena operates out of his private recording studio featuring world class boutique audio gear (FULL EQUIPMENT LIST BELOW). Although specializing in audio production, Julian offers mixing services as well through a hybrid analogue approach for the best audio quality.

If you would like to hire Julian Camarena as a producer or mixing engineer for your project, please send all inquiries to or CONTACT HERE. Please provide as much detail about your project as possible and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

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Converters, Summing & Digital

- Pro Tools HD 

- Prism Titan (8 channels)

- Burl Mothership (16 channels A/D, 32 channels D/A)

- Antelope Pure 2 Mastering Converter

- Burl B2 Bomber AD

- Antelope 10MX master clock

- Avid S3

- Rupert Neve 5060 Centerpiece

- SSL Sigma

- Bricasti Reverb



- Tube Tech CL1B

- LA-2A

- Retro 176

- Chandler RS124

- Buzz Audio SOC-M

- Fearn VT7

- Tree Audio Branch ii

- Neve 33609

- Chandler Zener Limiter

- SSL G Comp

- Xpressor (x2)

- DBX 160

- Dave Hills Titans (x2)

- AML 54F50 (x2)

- Universal Audio 1176 (x2)



- Neve 1073s (x3)

- Great River EQ-2NV

- Massive Passive

- Avalon AD2055

- UTA MPEQ (x2)

- Shelford Channel

- Pultec

- Chandler Curve Bender

- Zahl EQ1

- Maag EQ4M



- Sony C800G

- Telefunken 251

- Telefunken U47

- Neumann U67

- Neumann U87